A BREWERY is telling customers that ditching the drink is no reason to shun the pub.

Beer-lovers across Brighton and Hove have resolved themselves to a month away from their favourite watering hole as they take part in Dry January.

But Brighton Bier, which runs the Bierhaus, Freehaus and Haus on the Hill pubs in the city, is reassuring fans that this does not have to be the case.

Director Ollie Fisher said: “Ever since we opened we’ve sold an extensive range of zero and low alcohol beers in bottles and cans.

“For generations pubs have been at the centre of the community, providing a vital access to sociability and solidarity.

“Our approach at the Bierhaus and our other pubs is that everyone should always feel welcome and feel it is place they can relax and enjoy regardless of what they want to drink.

“We know from family and friends that they still want the camaraderie of being in the pub when not drinking, but don’t want that to mean an evening stuck with sugary soft drinks.”

This year the pubs have expanded their range of zero and low alcohol beers for January and have also secured several of these drinks on draught.

Brighton Bierhaus general manager Conor Harrison said: “This year is the first time we’ve really been able to get good zero and low alcohol beers on draught from the likes of Thornbridge and Tiny Rebel, so it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to expand that offering in the Bierhaus and welcome more people to our pubs and support them while they take on Dry January.”

But there is still plenty on offer for those who are not abstaining from alcohol at the start of 2020.

The pub is also taking part in Tryanuary, a national campaign designed to support pubs in January which encourages people to try a range of new brews during the month.

Brighton Bier’s Stephen Whitehurst said: “Tryanuary is about encouraging people to support local independent beer businesses and enjoying beer as part of a continuing healthy lifestyle.

“We’re proud that we’ve put Brighton back on the brewing map with a number of international awards and distributing our beers to Europe and Asia, as well of course here at home in Brighton.

“Being so close to the centre of the city, if you haven’t been to the Brighton Bierhaus before, Tryanuary is a great reason to pop in and try our beers.”

To introduce drinkers to a wide range of beers, the brewery’s pubs will offer any three pints of their cask ales or any three of their two-thirds of a pint, called schooners, of their keg beers for £10 between 8pm and 11pm in January.

Today, the brewery is also launching a new IPA called Interstate Daydream.

It will be served from 12pm at Brighton Bierhaus in Edward Street.

The first 25 customers to buy the drink through discount app Wriggle will also be able to pay a cut-price fee of £1.

Not one to shirk a January trend, Mr Whitehurst also pointed out that a large number of the pub’s beers were vegan, perfect for people giving up plant-based products for Veganuary.